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Below, enter your 7-digit docket number, the petitioner's 5 digit zip-code , and select YES or NO if the petitioner was represented by an attorney. Next, enter the characters shown in the box. If they are hard to read, or if you receive an error message "Invalid or Absent Captcha," click reload image and try again. Keep in mind that, if the attorney entered a late Entry of Appearance, he or she may not have been added to the case.
: You may need to scroll down to see the result. Click the docket number to open the file. If you cannot access your decision it may be that: a) The decision has not yet been published to the website - allow 5 to 10 business days for most cases or b) The decision has not yet been issued by the judge. You will also need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. CLICK HERE to download the free reader. Still having problems? email: OR call 404-651-9639 or 404-657-1924.

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